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〈 ✖ fishnets and m a l i c e 〉

Let's see how far we've come;

The END of the WORLD Meme
Said where you going man you know the world is headed for hell,
say your goodbyes if you've got someone you can say goodbye to.

I believe the world is burning to the ground, oh well, I guess we're going to find out. I believe it's all coming to an end, oh well, I guess we're going to pretend. Let's see how far we've come; What if the world really was coming to an end?

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  • It's the end of the world and everyone is going to tell you their last words.
  • Hurry and tell someone you love them, how much you've appreciated their friendship, anything you've ever wanted to tell them now that you have so little time!
  • Hurry and talk to those people you've always wanted to talk to but never got to, and let them know how awesome they are and how you wish you could of been friends!
  • Wank? Now's not the time, don't you think so?
  • After this meme, rocks fall, everyone dies. :(


    EDIT: The main message of this meme is DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE END to tell people you love them. Live everyday to its fullest, and enjoy the people that surround you. If you've been fighting, make up, you never know when one day the person can be gone.
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